Estate Planning Essentials (E2) CRM

CRM and Marketing Automation software designed with your estate planning practice in mind.

CRM and Marketing Automation software designed with your estate planning practice in mind.

A strong, integrated CRM platform enables your practice to store, manage, and utilize valuable data about your contacts. Track each interaction at every client touch point to trigger automation, analysis, and, most importantly, conversion!

Successful CRM implementation triggers innovation, adaptation and agility, which are all key characteristics of successful law firms.

The Estate Planning Essentials (E2) CRM combines the power of Greenrope with the marketing muscle of Integrity Marketing Solutions.

Turbo-charge Your Sales & Marketing With A Full Suite Of Powerful Tools

The most effective CRM is the one you will use. A successful CRM launch requires training and a content development strategy for implementation. This is where most law firms fail and where Integrity Marketing Solutions makes all the difference. We provide the implementation, training and content to ensure your CRM experience is successful.

Close More Deals

Boost sales and increase revenue with an organized and complete CRM. Keep track of each interaction you have with your contacts, and easily manage the day-to-day activities of your law firm with E2.

Develop Relationships

Attract more leads and build lifetime relationships based on trust and collaboration with lead nurturing and marketing automation.

Ignite Your Marketing

Stay top of mind and build your client and referral base with powerful lead generation and nurturing tools, like your monthly e-Newsletter and weekly blog digest.

Drive Sales

Sell more and build a community of loyal clients and referral sources by tracking email opens, reads, clicks and website visits for laser guided follow up.

Energize Your Events

Event management is available for those who utilize workshops and seminars as part of their client conversion process. Manage your online calendar, event registration, automated email reminders and drip marketing campaigns for each event.

Empower Your Team

There are no additional fees for multiple users. We encourage you to get your team engaged with the E2 Estate Planning CRM in their everyday use.

Set Up And Implementation

Estate Planning Essentials (E2) CRM

We will set up your account, including the groups, custom fields, web lead forms, standard confirmation emails, initial user access, primary work flows for web leads, email / e-Newsletter templates, and weekly blog digest.

We will provide six (1hour) training sessions via GoToMeeting to assist with the on-boarding process and to train law firm staff to use the E2 CRM. Additional training support can be purchased by the hour. Additional marketing strategy and campaign development support can be purchased on an as-needed, per-project basis directly with Integrity Marketing Solutions executive team with a flat-fee quote per project.

Ongoing Support

Email technical support at no extra charge, available both through IMS and the Greenrope programmers directly. Integrity Marketing Solutions will provide set up and support for the essential CRM tools. Every feature of the E2 CRM is active and ready for use though only the features listed under “Included” will be actively supported by Integrity Marketing Solutions.

Client Intake Process

Client Intake Process (CLIP®)

Our E2 CRM is now available with CLIP, our exclusive automated client intake process.


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